Special Applications

Special Applications

Solutions for special presses and saws
as well as for a wide variety of special applications

Special projects are always a welcome challenge for the development and production teams at Höfer Presstechnik. Here, too, the focus is mostly in the area of pressure and temperature (heating and cooling processes).
Other special applications such as servo screw presses are manufactured in the force range of over 800 kN.

Höfer special applications are developed for the following products:

  • Compression and calibration applications
  • Hydraulic coil presses with heating and cooling plates
  • Precision presses with spindle drives
  • Blanket bar presses and much more.
Sonderanwendungen - Lösungen für Sonderpressen, Sondersägen und verschiedenste Sonderanwendungen

Wir fertigen auf Kundenanforderung, Modifikationen nach Kundenbedarf möglich!

Verschiedenste Sonderanwendungen finden Sie auch in unserem Online-Shop!

Unser Folder bietet zusätzlich einen Überblick über unsere Produkte in der Sparte Holzindustrie.

We manufacture on customer request, modifications according to customer requirements are possible!
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