Laboratory Presses

Laboratory Presses

...for development & conducting quality checks

Laboratory presses from Höfer Presstechnik are used for various applications in research as well as for inspection and test applications.



  • pressure control / pressure stages
  • positioning operation and degassing stroke
  • heating and cooling (gradual)
  • open position continuously adjustable
  • press programs with input of program steps
    (press force, temperature and time)
  • recipe management and logging function
  • graphical representation of the press cycle and visualization of all actual data
Watch one of our Höfer laboratory presses in the video!
Technical Options
  • press force up to more than 250 tons (2,500 kN)
  • pneumatic / hydraulic pressure intensifier for very small pressing pressures from 200 kg
  • speeds up to 200 mm/sec
  • size of the heating plates up to 1,500 x 1,000 mm
  • max. heating temperature up to 500° celsius
  • opening and stroke on request
  • controlled, closed cooling in the circuit
  • oil temperature control systems
  • exhaust hood
  • vacuum chamber

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