Powder- and Friction-Matrials

Powder- and Friction-Matrials

Presses for the production of various products

Presses and machines from Höfer are also used in the broad sector of powder, friction and sintered materials. The decades of knowledge of the engineers ensure the highest precision and quality in this sector as well.


Höfer presses are used for the production of the following products:

  • grinding wheels
  • brake pads
  • diamond cutting discs
  • diamond tools
Pulver- & Reibwerkstoffe - Pressen für die Herstellung von verschiedensten Produkten
Technical Options
  • We have a large selection of modular elements as well as individual solutions in the areas of hydraulics, mechanical construction and temperature control.
  • We offer a specific press design in terms of press forces and dimensions.
  • press forces from 5 kN to over 100,000 kN
  • sizes of the heating plates up to more than 10 meters and several floors
  • temperatures of the heating plates up to 500° celsius
  • customized system solutions:
    – individual mold manipulation – tool change systems and shuttle tables
    – various handling and shuttle solutions
    – integration of mold and tool temperature control
    – heating and cooling combinations
    – process data recording
    – integration and networking of other system parts

Wir fertigen auf Kundenanforderung, Modifikationen nach Kundenbedarf möglich!

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