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Service & Maintenance

Höfer’s customer service offers a wide range of services. In addition to the general service and emergency service for presses, you can also contact our technicians regarding the prescribed maintenance.
The maintenance of presses from other makes is also carried out. Simply contact our specialist staff.

Höfer Presstechnik offers:

  • emergency service
  • remote maintenance
  • spare parts
Service und Wartung
Retrofint und Modernisierung

Retrofitting & Modernization

Overhauls or retrofits often make more sense than investing in new ones straight away. Over time, a wide variety of changes can occur, which also make modernization or conversion to the current status sensible from an ecological and economic point of view.

Höfer Presstechnik offers:

  • revision or replacement of hydraulic and electrical components
  • new software and operation
  • various upgrades in terms of safety, operation and loading

Relocation Assistance

Your press system should be relocated to another location? Then we are the right contact!
In addition to dismantling and assembly, relocation and commissioning, our service also includes brief on-site training for your employees.

Höfer Presstechnik offers:

  • international assembly, relocation and commissioning of facilities
Verlagerungen von Pressanlagen
Lohnfertigungen - unser Dienstleistungs- und Serviceangebot

Contract Manufacturing

  • milling up to 8,000 x 1,500 x 2,700 mm
  • turning up to Ø 1,200 mm
  • welded parts up to 25,000 kg
  • hydraulic cylinder production

Spare Parts

Incorrect or cheap spare parts often lead to security gaps or faulty production processes. We therefore provide suitable spare and wear parts of the highest quality – individually tailored to the respective presses and systems of our customers.

Höfer Presstechnik offers:

  • decades of spare parts service for Höfer machines
Ersatzteile - unser Dienstleistungs- und Serviceangebot
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