Motorhomes & Caravans

Motorhomes & Caravans

Presses for the production of large format elements

In the meantime, Höfer Presstechnik has also become a fixture in the application field of mobile home and caravan production. The presses from the Innviertler company are used to produce large-format side, floor and roof elements.

Reisemobile & Caravans - Pressen für die Herstellung von großformatigen Elementen
Technical Options
  • We have a large selection of modular elements as well as individual solutions in the areas of hydraulics, mechanical construction and temperature control.
  • We offer a specific press design in terms of press forces and dimensions.
  • sizes of the heating plates up to more than 10 meters
  • different tempering systems
  • customized system solutions:
    – individual press feeding systems
    – integration of gluing and adhesive application
    – process data recording
    – integration and networking of other system parts

Wir fertigen auf Kundenanforderung, Modifikationen nach Kundenbedarf möglich!

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