Panel Coating / Sandwich Panels

Panel Coating / Sandwich Panels

Press technology for panel coating
or for producing sandwich panels

Höfer Presstechnik has decades of experience in the manufacture of machines and systems for coating a wide range of core materials with cover layers. The special presses and the modular design of the system components result in a high level of flexibility and a design that is tailored to customer specifications.

Scope of Services:

  • feeding stations
  • roller conveyors with lifting table
  • insertion devices
  • brushing machine
  • glue application machine
  • knife disc conveyor
  • knife chain conveyor
  • covering or loading table
  • press (multiple levels also possible)
  • unloading table
  • outfeed roller conveyor
  • cooling stations
  • vacuum stacking device

Examples of Panel Material:

  • chipboard
  • MDF panels
  • plywood panels
  • laminated panels
  • xps panels and much more.

Examples of Cover Layers:

  • vaneers
  • HPL
  • PVC
  • aluminium
  • CFG, GRP and much more.
Technical Options
  • We have a large selection of modular elements as well as individual solutions in the areas of hydraulics, mechanical construction and temperature control.
  • We offer a specific press design in terms of press forces and dimensions.
  • various temperature control systems
  • customized system solutions::
    individual press feeding systems
    integration of gluing and adhesive application
    – data recording of the process
    – integration and networking of other system parts

Wir fertigen auf Kundenanforderung, Modifikationen nach Kundenbedarf möglich!

We manufacture on customer request, modifications according to customer requirements are possible!

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